Meet our team

Legitary is a diverse team of highly ambitious change-makers, committed to disrupt a whole industry. We aim to make the streaming industry a fair & transparent place.

Nermina Mumic20201105141236

Nermina Mumic

Founder & CEO
Guenter Loibl20201105141409

Guenter Loibl

Co-Founder & VP of Partnerships
Peter Filzmoser20201105141121

Peter Filzmoser

Co-Founder & VP of Technology
Sebastian Stark20201110100146

Sebastian Stark

Operations Manager
Oliver Leodolter20210729101018

Oliver Leodolter

Data Scientist
Georg Simbrunner20210831141919

Georg Simbrunner

Software Architect
Juergen Kurz20211004170515

Juergen Kurz

Strategic Advisor

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring transparency to the streaming industry. We want to assure a fair revenue distribution of a rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar market and make all right holders equally benefit from the created wealth.

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish an auditing standard for streaming accounting. Based on profound science, we democratize the access to data validation tools and ensure correctness of royalty payments .

Our Values

We believe in transparency, integrity and independence. We want to create an environment where each team member can grow on a professional and personal level and take over responsibly from day one. We strive for the greater good.

Join our team

We are planning to grow and therefore looking for talents to join our ride.

Get in touch and tell us about yourself, your motivation and why you want to join Legitary – we are looking forward to.