Legitary detects anomalies in your streaming data.

Check your royalties.

Get realtime insights into your music streams – anytime, anywhere!

High PrecisionOur Algorithm detects anomalies 275% more precisely than current technologies. Detect anomalies with over 90% accuracy.
Metadata IndependenceLegitary does not require any third-party metadata - all we need is your streaming reports.
High SpeedLegitary analyses 3 billion streams within 5 minutes - a traditional album audit takes up to 300 hours.
All-in-One Validation ToolCheck streaming figures, spot missing revenues, abnormal events and determine the true size of your streaming pie.
Scientific ProofThe Legitary Algorithm was developed at Technical University of Vienna and is peer reviewed by international scientists.
Information AdvantageLegitary combines streaming data from several platforms to create cross-platform information and additional insights.

Legitary works for

Music Labels

Music Managements

Digital Distributors

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Collecting Societies

“This is magic. It’s what we’ve been waiting for years.” – Los Angeles based auditing firm

Funding & Partners

Funding & Partners


Midemlab Winner 2019

Midemlab is the world’s leading music startup competition seeking out the most promising international startups developing new technologies that aim to reshape the music industry.

Legitary is the first Austrian company to win Midemlab, where companies like Soundcloud and Kickstarter emerged.

Out of 177 submissions from 45 countries, Legitary won the prestigious trophy in the category Marketing & Data/Analytics.

Further Awards

Further Awards